Wilma & Louise Kapok Cushions

Kapok Cushions: Different, Unique & Fun

With Wilma & Louise Kapok Cushions you are able to be different, unique and fun. Enhance the feeling onboard your boat, or outside your mobile home, or on the wooden bench at your summer house with a unique kapok cushion of the highest quality. The cushions are the perfect boat pillow for seating.

They are an absolute "must-have" on-board for every sailboat or yacht. The Kapok cushion is a stylish companion that makes life on and below deck more comfortable. A Kapok cushion can be used either as a seat cushion or as a convenient platform on deck. Even at home, its pure kapok filling makes it ideal for use as a cushion for garden furniture or kitchen chairs. Kapok cushions are very buoyant and float on the water’s surface if they happen to fall in. The cushions are compact and can easily be stowed in a locker if needed.

Wilma & Louise has designed what we believe is something out of the ordinary. We are tired of the blue and red cushions everyone has. These pillows are made of canvas, an extremely tight woven, strong and durable pure cotton. Of course they’re tremendously comfortable to sit on because they are filled with 100% kapok, a natural material that historically was used for stuffing in life vests. This means that the pillows also float and regain their original shape once they’ve dried – a big benefit for use on boats and cliffs near water.

Our design comes in patterns of giraffe, leopard, safari and zebra; with colors of beige and grey.

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Giraffe Kapok Cushion

Leopard Kapok Cushion

Safari Kapok Cushion

Safari Kapok Cushion