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For your livingroom

Decorative pillows and cotton blankets

These pillows are really sticking out in the cushion jungle J. Mixing your different patterns turned out very nicely, and amazing that they are organic!

Gulnaz M.

Thank you for making our sofa happier with your lovely designs. Happiest is the one who can snitch the blanket before anyone else does. Have a great day!

Louise Lundberg

Nice website and great products!

Claus Zimmermann

Lovely terry towels

soft, elegant, simple luxury

These are the softest, most cozy and thickest towels we have had at home, apart from that they are also very absorbent. Awesome product!

Anna Nordström with family

Very nice design on very comfortable towels. This will be a favorite gift to loved ones.

Mary Carter

I like the hanger, embroidery and the thickness. Feels like high quality straight through.

Mikael S.

Stylish with amazing grip

Yoga mats that make you unique and allow you to develop, machine washable

The mat allows me to finally concentrate on my breathing and my own focus since I don’t get out of position all the time. The mat really has a magic grip in sweaty conditions.

Patricia Smith

I am more than satisfied! Thank you for a really affordable mat!!!

Nevin, Stockholm

The customer experience in your online store is top of the line, easy to order, good tracking and communication and last but not least super-fast delivery. Good work!

Roger Hanning

Sit comfortably with style

Boat cushions in proof canvas with kapok filling that floats and dry fast

Great that you challenge the traditional product. I was so tired of our washed-up blue cushions. This makes us stand out, I love it!

Maria E.

The cushions are really well-sewn and luxurious, good also that the cover can be washed thanks to the zipper. Product development with function.

Anonymous Gothenburg

We just love the cushions. After the boating season, we brought them home to the kitchen sofa where we enjoy them as well as all the summer memories.

Boqvist family