Kapok Cushions - perfect for the boat or the terrace

Finally! Now you can be a bit different, unique, just because it’s fun and you can, because you want to and dare to. Enhance the feeling onboard your boat, or outside your mobile home, or on the wooden bench at your summer house with a unique kapok cushion of the highest quality. Kapok cushions are also perfect for sitting on stone cliffs near the sea, and they have a string around them so you can easily carry several pillows. The pillows are made of canvas, an extremely tight woven, strong and durable pure cotton. Of course they’re tremendously comfortable to sit on because they are filled with 100% kapok, a natural material that historically was used for stuffing in life vests. This means that the pillows also float and regain their original shape once they’ve dried – a big benefit for use on boats and cliffs near water. Who hasn’t seen a happy 5-year-old interested in testing whether pillows float? These do. Beautiful, unique, and convenient.