Yoga Mats with magic grip and interior friendly design

We love yoga. All kinds of it. Yoga can be about relaxation, hard-core training, or a way to find some peace in the hectic day-to-day life. Sometimes we need some times for ourselves. It’s important to give that to yourself. Taking into account the environment, functionality and joy, Wilma & Louise has designed a unique, beautiful and environmentally friendly yoga mat. It’s 100% biodegradable natural rubber with a luxurious outer layer of non-slip microfibers.

This makes the yoga mat perfect for all types of yoga, including ashtanga, bikram, hatha, hot yoga, kundalini, power yoga, vinyasa and yin yoga. The grip is amazing when you are hot and the mat is a bit moist. When you first start, when you’re a little dry and cold, it can feel slightly slippery, so we also include a little spray bottle that you can spray the mat with before you start. The mat is pretty much odour free, and we think that’s great! Choose your favorite pattern, stand out in the yoga studio and find your yoga energy. Namaste.