Decorative pillows in 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton

Do you have a friend who means the world to you? Someone you want to give a special gift to? Or do you simply want your own home to emit a feeling of warmth, playfulness and adventure in style? Pillows make the perfect gift and can transform any sofa (even the most beautiful ones!) into a magical place that invites peacefulness, rest, relaxation or good talks, laughs and great company. You can easily change the feeling of a room or patio with different pillow covers and even change them once in a while to create a new feel. This might be the world’s easiest design advice.  The easier, the better. As long as it’s beautiful, different and unique, again to create that feeling. The pillows are Jacquard-woven in 100% organic cotton. They are 50 X 50 cm (20 x 20 inches). Match them with a comfortable blanket in the same design!