Wilma & Louise Towels

Terry Cloth Towels: Soft, Exclusive, Absorbent and Luxurious Towels

If you're like most people, you probably don't devote much thought to the specific weave of your luxury bath towel. Of course, you want your towel to look beautiful, feel great, and perform well, but the details of how it's made may fly below your radar. However, if you crave towels and robes that are luxurious, soft to the touch, and super absorbent - and who doesn't? - you're probably a lover of terry cloth (even if you didn't know it).

Thanks to its fantastic absorbency, cotton terry is a wonderful choice for towels, bath mats, bath robes, beach and pool towels. Terry towels can easily be dyed or printed, as well as decoratively embroidered. Absorbent and soft textured terry cloth towels and robes guarantee high comfort. In addition to this, terry cloths, which you can use for many years thanks to their durable structure, maintain their quality even though they are washed repeatedly.

We think one of the highlights of the day is a nice shower, a warm bath, or a dip from the dock. In your house, on a boat, or maybe your outside shower at your vacation home? We think it’s always worth it to dry off with soft, exclusive and luxurious towels. Transform your bathroom, poolside or boat to a warm savanna or make your visit to the beach positively exotic. With elegant towels you can also put a beautiful, warm and snuggly stamp on any bathroom. 100% Jacquard woven fabric in thick cotton, 600g/m2. Wilma & Louise terry cloth towels are available in multiple colors, patterns and sizes. Beige, dark beige and coral.


Wilma & Louise towels collection contains:


Towels Giraffe Beige
Towels Giraffe Coral
Towels Giraffe Dark Beige
Towels Leopard Beige
Towels Leopard Coral
Towels Leopard Dark Beige
Towels Zebra Beige
Towels Zebra Coral
Towels Zebra Dark Beige