Wilma & Louise Pillows

Throw Pillows: Luxurious, Unique & Comfortable

A naked sofa or armchair presents an opportunity. You’ve done the hard work sourcing the furniture- now it’s time to get creative with the best throw pillows and accent cushions money can buy. 
While most interior design items are static - think wallpaper, couches, and bar cabinets - there is one home good that's dynamic: the throw pillow. When savvy interior design enthusiasts want to revive a room without making a major furniture purchase, they reach for the throw pillow. A new cushion can breathe fresh life into an old chair, sad sofa, or boring bed. Throw pillows can be mixed and matched to create a layered look that is luxe and inviting. Throw pillows are also an easy and affordable way to add an element of style to a room's aesthetic.
Wilma & Louise throw pillows are luxurious, unique and comfortable. They are the perfect detail for your home. Vary the room with different pillows and create a new feeling every now and then with our patterns.
The pillows are jacquard woven in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and measure 50x50cm. Wilma & Louise pillows are available in patterns of zebra, leopard, giraffe and safari. Pillow colors are grey, beige and pink. 
Our pillows combine perfectly with our beautiful Jacquard-woven, high-quality blankets


Wilma & Louise pillows collection contains: