Kapok Cushion Giraffe
Kapok Cushion Giraffe

Kapok Cushion Giraffe

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The cushions are made of canvas, a very tight woven, strong and durable fabric in pure cotton. The filling consists of 100% kapok, a natural material that was previously used as a stuffing in life vests. The pillows are thus excellent in floating, in addition, the material always retains its original shape after it has dried. The pillows are very durable and therefore perfect for the cliffs when you want a nice cushion to sit on.

Here in an exclusive giraffe design!


- Outer casing in durable cotton canvas
- Filling 100% Kapok
- Washing instructions: Water does not itself damage the Kapok fibers, but machine wash might break them. We therefore recommend hand washing at maximum 40 degrees. However, the cover is openable and if machine wash is desired, we suggest that the kapok is picked out and then replaced after washing.
- Dimensions: 450cm long x 390cm wide x 100mm thick
- Weight: 1kg